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Ascot Sport

Ascot Sport represents the essence of the sporting spirit and Italjet’s passion for everything on two wheels. It encompasses technologically advanced components while maintaining its unique character and unmistakable style, combining innovation and craftsmanship. Ascot Spot was created in a close collaboration with world renown Italian master craftsmen, who have executed the finishing touches by hand. We turned to historical Italian companies to create the fenders, clinched by hand; for the creation of one of a kind, freehand pin-striped details. All aluminum components and leather details were treated manually, resulting in parts with a unique and distinctive finish. These are the details that make the Ascot Sport a real masterpiece on two wheels.

MSRP: $5,295.00 USD | $6,295.00 CAD

* Price does not include freight, PDI or taxes, and is subject to change.

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Ascot Sport Specifications

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